Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Fraud Investigator for Your Case

Real estate fraud can be particularly devastating. Not only are their large amounts of money on the line, but problems concerning our homes are uniquely stressful and emotional.

Unfortunately, real estate fraud is not uncommon. Unscrupulous people try to take advantage of the fact that most people are unfamiliar with these types of transactions and then disappear with thousands of dollars in ill-gotten gains.

Hiring a real estate attorney to investigate potential fraud is a great first step toward taking back control of the situation and hopefully recovering your money.

Investigating the Fraud

If you’ve fallen victim to real estate fraud, don’t beat yourself up over it. The people committing these acts are often very sophisticated in terms of technology and expertise. Now it’s time to get people on your side who have even more expertise to build a case against the fraudsters.

Building a fraud case means investigation and lots of it. There can be many paperwork, interviews, and even surveillance to sift through. The benefits of hiring a real estate fraud investigator are numerous. Fraud investigators know what they are looking for, where to look, and how to do it lawfully. Furthermore, an experienced investigator will know how to proceed swiftly, which is important for resolving the case promptly and ensuring you don’t miss crucial court deadlines.

Because the goal of a fraud investigation is ultimately litigation, it makes more sense to go ahead and hire an attorney rather than a private investigator. Law firms can typically carry out their investigations and hire specialists if and when necessary. This way, all the work is centrally coordinated for one purpose: litigating your case and getting your money back.

Pursuing Your Claim in Court

It’s like fraud cases; even when confronted with irrefutable evidence of their wrongdoing, the guilty party rarely says, “You got me; here’s your money.” You will likely have to claw any money back through the court system to recover it.

Like other types of litigation, real estate fraud claims can take a long time to resolve. As a “white collar” type of case, they can also be quite complicated. That’s when you’be glad you hired an investigator to uncover evidence that will stand up to legal scrutiny.

Pursuing your claim in court may be your only option, but it’s not something you should try to do on your own. Instead, hiring a real estate litigation attorney is the best way to go.

Talk to a Real Estate Fraud Specialist

The most effective way to fight against real estate fraud is to bring in outside help—people who can investigate your case, negotiate on your behalf, and take your claim to court. At Hoffman & Forde, our attorneys have years of experience handling real estate transactions and litigation in California. We know how to uncover fraudulent activity and pursue a resolution that’s fair for you.  Contact our office to set an appointment for your first consultation.