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Benefits of Putting Your Property in Trust: A Comprehensive Guide

Estate planning can often seem daunting, especially with the array of arrangements available for your property. However, understanding some fundamental facts can significantly ease the process.

This post explores the significant advantages of setting up a living trust and how it safeguards your assets and ensures privacy. If you want to bypass probate court, shield your assets, maintain control over them, or keep your affairs private, a living trust is a powerful tool to consider.

What is a living trust?

A living trust is a legal document that facilitates the transfer of your property into a trust, allowing you to retain complete control during your lifetime. After your passing, the assets are distributed to your chosen beneficiaries under the guidance of a trustee whom you appoint.

Types of living trust

  • Revocable Living Trusts – The grantor may change or cancel these while s/he remains alive.
  • Irrevocable Living Trusts – These can be less flexible once set but offer better asset protection and possible tax savings.

Benefits of a Living Trust

Living trusts are widely recommended for future planning after one’s passing. Here are the key advantages:

  • Avoid Probate – Trusts help your beneficiaries save a lot of time and money by avoiding the probate process. Probate is expensive, often costing over $40,000 in attorney fees and other expenses to administer an estate. A living trust provides a simple and efficient way to distribute your property upon death.
  • Protect Your Privacy – Probate is an intrusive process because it becomes a matter of public record, allowing virtually anyone to access the information you provide to the courts. In contrast, a living trust helps maintain the confidentiality of the estate transactions, ensuring the intended will is enforced privately.
  • Maintain Control – With a living trust, transferred assets remain your property during your lifetime but are placed in a separate legal entity known as a trust. This arrangement allows you to increase, decrease, and make changes to the trust as necessary, ensuring it always reflects your current circumstances.

Why a living trust is essential?

A living trust is a powerful tool that goes beyond avoiding probate. Here are some additional benefits you might not be aware of:
  • Continuity of Management – A living trust offers the advantage of taking over the management of your property on your behalf if you become incapacitated, eliminating the need for a guardian to oversee your affairs. This makes the process easy, stress-free, and a relief for your family, especially during such trying times.
  • Asset Protection – Over the years, a well-planned trust has been an effective way to safeguard property from various threats, such as creditors, lawsuits, and future financial hardships. It is essential for protecting your assets to ensure they can be passed on to your intended heirs.
  • Flexibility and Control – Unlike a will, a living trust can be altered or terminated at any time before the death of the person who created it, offering outstanding versatility to the creator. You remain in control of your resources, while the beneficiaries are designated to receive them according to your instructions.
  • Tax Benefits – Using a living trust can lead to significant tax savings, depending on your financial situation. Our dedicated attorneys, with extensive experience in trust matters, can assist you in designing your trust to avoid or reduce estate taxes and other taxes that may be due on your trust.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality – Another essential advantage of a living trust that is often overlooked is that its provisions are protected from public access. Unlike a will, which goes through the public probate process, a living trust remains private as it is part of the living person’s estate. This means others cannot access your estate plan to determine the value or distribution of the property included in the trust.

Do I Need a Trust?

If you’re interested in understanding the significance of living trusts in your family’s life and altering your estate planning approach, contact us today at (619) 546-7880 for a consultation. Our intake specialist will engage with you to gather vital information to evaluate your situation.

San Diego Housing Market: Boom or Bust?

A row of colorful houses with green lawns on a sunny day. There is a sidewalk in front of the houses with trees lining the street. This is a typical scene in a suburban neighborhood.

The local housing market in San Diego has been booming, having witnessed a continuous rise in prices for many years. However, with the debt market volatility and the possibility of recession, some are concerned. As a San Diego housing market player, you need to know where things are based on historical data rather than just speculation.

This article focuses on exploring the significance of past housing cycles in San Diego. By examining the ups and downs of these cycles, we gain valuable insights into how the future might unfold.

Here are three key lessons learned from past San Diego housing cycles:

  • Sustainable Growth vs. Speculative Bubbles – San Diego’s current evolution, which is supported by a diverse economy and job market, is very unlike the housing bubble of 2008, a speculative crisis. Hence, the market is probably stable.

  • Limited Inventory, Steady Demand – San Diego’s limited land area contributes to a tight supply and consistently high prices. This holds especially true in a market where demand steadily increases from both existing residents and newcomers, making it less vulnerable to sudden price fluctuations.

  • Interest Rates Matter – Rising interest rates, currently in vogue, have a tendency to temper a bubble market. While this may decelerate the pace of price growth, a crash is unlikely, particularly given San Diego’s robust fundamentals.

A look at the numbers – a decade of steady growth

Let’s take a closer look at some recent data to understand the current market dynamics. According to Zillow, the median sales price of a single-family home in San Diego County in April 2024 was $932,000, representing a 6.5% increase compared to April 2023.

While this shows continued price growth, the rate of increase has moderated slightly compared to previous years. Additionally, the number of days homes stay on the market before selling remains low, averaging around 14 days in March 2024, which indicates continued strong buyer demand.

Looking ahead – a more balanced perspective

While the future is uncertain, historical context suggests San Diego’s housing market is likely to experience short-term fluctuations rather than the boom-and-bust cycles of the past. The city’s unique economic strengths and limited land availability create a market with inherent stability.

Experts in the field, like those at the San Diego Association of Realtors, generally don’t predict a housing market crash based on current market conditions. However, it’s important to stay informed as economic factors can change.

Need Legal Advice?

Considering buying or selling a home in San Diego’s market? Protect your investment with Hoffman & Forde, Attorneys at Law. We have extensive experience in real estate law and can guide you through the process.

Contact us today for a consultation at (619) 546-7880 and our intake specialist will converse with you and collect the essential information needed to assess your matter.

SDCBA: An Essential Resource for Local Attorneys

At Hoffman & Forde, we take pride in the fact that each of our attorneys is a member of the SDCBA. Their longstanding and steadfast commitment to this organization sends a powerful message about the immense value the San Diego County Bar Association holds within the legal community

SDCBA is acknowledged as the anchorage point of San Diego’s legal landscape, and the association has done this by developing and upholding excellent legal standards as well as by sustaining an overwhelmingly fair justice system for all attorneys and the common public.

This article examines two important things – SDCBA’s instrumentality and its benefits to the community.

Recognizing the San Diego County Bar Association

Established in 1890, the SDCBA has a long tradition of upholding the principles of professionalism, justice, and legal services through the provision of affordable legal services. It is simply a professional association established to support and empower attorneys in San Diego and in the process enriches the lives of the community.

Key Services Offered by the SDCBA

  • Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) – by connecting residents of San Diego and competent attorneys, this program fills the gap by assuring that their rights are represented.
  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE) – the SDCBA provides extensive training programs accommodating to the lawyers who wish to stay informed of recent judicial updates and to maintain the superior standard of competence.
  • Public Service Initiatives – service Delivery Centers is devoted to enriching the lives in the community by means of volunteer free legal help, educational programs and constant support for the numerous legal aid organizations.
  • Professional Ethics Resources – the SDCBA offers lawyers the resources and advice which they need to handle their ethical practice and maintain the standards of professional responsibility until the highest level.


Why the SDCBA Matters

SDCBA stands out by being one of the major institutions that are connecting legal professionals and the community of San Diego. Its contributions benefit both legal professionals and the public by:

  • Preserving the highest professional ethics and values of lawyers in the legal field.
  • Proper support of lawyers to accumulate their knowledge and keep it up to date through consistent training.
  • Enabling the public to obtain legal advice and representation from appropriate qualified attorneys and legal scholars.



The San Diego County Bar Association serves as a pillar or cornerstone in our society. By recognizing the hard work and dedication of lawyers in San Diego, we send a message that the flourishing of a quality legal system is paramount.

Need Legal Advice?

If you are facing a legal situation in San Diego County, the resources offered by the SDCBA can be a valuable starting point.

Additionally, Hoffman & Forde, Attorneys at Law, is here to assist you with your legal needs. Contact us today for a consultation at (619) 546-7880 and our intake specialist will converse with you and collect the essential information needed to assess your matter.