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For many people, a home is the biggest purchase they will make. Escrow agents help facilitate the home buying or selling process by holding onto the pertinent documents and funds as a neutral third party. In some situations, buyers & sellers disagree or do not comply with the purchase terms, resulting in an escrow dispute. This could delay disbursement of funds and cause undue stress to all involved in the transaction. Contact Hoffman & Forde to get legal expertise so you can resolve escrow disputes faster.

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Reach a mutual agreement and close more efficiently with our escrow lawyers. With important documents such as titles and deeds at stake, you need legal counsel to prevent breaches of contract and avoid the risk of unnecessary fees. Our escrow attorneys at Hoffman & Forde can step in to effectively negotiate and resolve any disputes that arise.

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At Hoffman & Forde, we draw from years of experience and expertise in real estate law including escrow laws in Southern California. Our escrow attorneys have successfully resolved disputes to protect the rights of real estate buyers and sellers. Call us today so you can close your next home in San Diego, Orange County, or Los Angeles stress-free.

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