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Our immigration lawyers assist clients who are seeking permanent residency, employment-based visas, national citizenship, and more. We represent individuals, businesses, and even corporations for a variety of immigration cases. Throughout the immigration process, Hoffman & Forde’s team provides quality legal representation to ensure your rights are protected. In addition, our experienced immigration lawyers provide a thorough case assessment, explain the different options available, and present the best proposals for your legal status.

Immigration Cases We Handle

Let us help you achieve the American Dream. Hoffman & Forde can assist you with deportation defense, citizenship applications, employment and investor-based visas, green card matters, waivers and consular processing.

  • Deportation/Removal Defense

    If you are an undocumented resident in this country, you still have rights. With our attorneys’ ample knowledge and experience interacting with immigration officials, we help safeguard your rights.

  • Citizenship Applications

    Applying for U.S. citizenship can be time consuming and overwhelming. Let our attorneys explain the process and assist you to complete the pertinent documents, saving you the hassle.

  • Consular Processing

    The professionals at our firm will help you obtain an immigrant visa to the United States so you can reunite with your family as soon as possible.

  • Employment-Based Visas

    Employment-based immigrant visas are categorized based on employment skills. Our immigration law experts will help determine your eligibility based on the different categories.

  • Investor-Based Visas

    Applicants must meet certain requirements for qualification. Hoffman & Forde’s legal specialists will explain the regulations for investor-based visas because individual applicants have different circumstances.

  • Family Green Card Petitions

    Our attorneys will guide you through the journey of obtaining permanent residency in the U.S. We are dependable and communicate with you openly so all your questions are answered.

  • Green Cards Through Marriage

    Our legal counsel will review the qualifications spouses of US citizens and permanent residents must meet to be eligible for a green card through marriage.

  • Waivers

    If you are an immigrant facing a penalty, you may qualify for a waiver. The guidance of our skilled attorneys is necessary to petition for this waiver and explain the complicated process.

Why Our Immigration Lawyers

Hoffman & Forde’s team oversees deportation cases, helps obtain green cards, and assists with citizenship application and visas. If facing deportation, you still have rights. Our San Diego immigration lawyers help clients complete and submit all necessary paperwork so you do not miss any crucial deadlines. We also file any appeals or required waivers and keep you apprised of any new immigration laws that may affect your case. Our law firm delivers superb results.

Our Boutique Lawyers

Our highly-credentialed attorneys deliver superior quality services. Every client receives the best legal representation possible regardless of complexity.

Our Paralegals

Our dedicated paralegals are the behind-the-scenes experts who ensure our firm runs smoothly. They play a critical role in our client-focused approach, enabling our attorneys to deliver the highest quality service with precision and care.


Our Immigration Law Firm

We serve our clients’ individual needs while providing creative, practical, and affordable solutions. Our firm’s continued success results from our dedication, diligence, and honest communication with our clients.

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