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Landlord tenant conflicts are common and can take on many forms. You can prevent conflict before it happens or reach mutual agreement if it arises with proper legal counsel. Whether the case is residential or commercial, our landlord & tenant attorneys can help. Call Hoffman & Forde today for a consultation.

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We represent landlords and tenants in a variety of ways. These matters include drafting leases, unlawful evictions, rent payment issues, claims of breach of lease agreement, safety and health issues, code compliance, rental discrimination, and more.

Commercial landlord tenant laws are state-specific and as a business owner, you may be at a disadvantage compared to residential tenants in California. Rent could increase without warning, you could get evicted more easily, and maintenance of the space could fall solely on you. Protect yourself and your business by hiring an expert in commercial landlord tenant law before you sign your next lease. For renters, seek help from a residential tenant lawyer if your rental is uninhabitable and compromises your health, your security deposit is being withheld, or if you need more resources about your rights as a tenant. These are just a few examples of situations that Hoffman & Forde can assist you with.

Get legal counsel soon to avoid litigation, but we will not hesitate to go to court if necessary. No resident should fear being kicked out of their home or storefront, and no landlord should risk losing their livelihood. Our job is to ensure that your rights are protected and responsibilities are fulfilled whether you are a landlord or tenant.

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At Hoffman & Forde, we understand California’s landlord tenant rules and recognize not all cases are the same. We put clients first and provide creative solutions that best fit your case. As a results-driven lawyer, you get the specialized skills of our landlord tenant attorneys and legal counsel across related disciplines. Our five-star reviews also attest to our firm’s professionalism and dedication to our clients’ success. Call our landlord tenant lawyers today to find out more about our comprehensive legal services and how we can help.

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