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Do you need legal assistance for lease modification, negotiation, and/or termination? What about a commercial eviction attorney to assist with moratorium matters? Call Hoffman & Forde. Our lease negotiation attorneys are set up perfectly to help commercial businesses renegotiate the terms of their lease. We have the expertise you need to protect your San Diego, Los Angeles, or Orange County business. Schedule an initial consultation and see how we can help.

Helping You In Times of Crisis

Our expert negotiators have obtained favorable, permanent changes in the terms and conditions of clients’ commercial loans and leases. Our commercial loan modification program has helped our clients keep their properties and meet the cost of operations in the past, and we can do so even now.

Southern California counties have placed a moratorium on evictions of commercial renters who have seen income reduced or been economically harmed by the COVID-19 pandemic. But even with the moratorium, affected businesses would still be required to pay back the rent owed later if a payment is missed.

In a troubling and confusing time, Hoffman & Forde can help your business stand its ground. Whether you’re the owner of a restaurant, salon, gym, or other non-essential business, we can help.

Why Our Lease Negotiation Attorneys

Hoffman & Forde has successfully renegotiated commercial notes with workout solutions mutually beneficial to clients and their lenders. Our lease negotiation lawyers will protect you against the unexpected and help you get through a stressful situation. With our experience and client focus, we’ll look after your rights and interests in the midst of the commercial eviction moratorium and other situations. Give yourself something valuable in trying times: peace of mind.

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