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Hoffman & Forde is a real estate and business consulting law firm, serving clients in Orange County. Our firm’s additional practice areas include civil litigation, personal injury, criminal defense, estate planning, immigration laws, and tax advisory. Clients are served high-end legal services and receive personal attention. Recognized for providing superior counsel for a wide range of legal matters, our attorneys are committed to achieving clients' objectives and goals.


Our Comprehensive Approach

Our law firm offers a full range of legal services provided by attorneys with over a decade of experience. As a network of legal experts, we collaborate with other multifaceted professionals to ensure high-quality, strategic and applicable counsel. Our well-experienced attorneys work diligently to broaden their scope of service and share robust knowledge of legal issues. We effectively litigate our clients’ most significant legal matters while overseeing alternative dispute resolution proceedings. With a focus on problem-solving, our attorneys practice with the utmost standards of ethical conduct, civility and collegiality.

Our Practice Areas

Our wide array of legal specialties include civil litigation, real estate law, business consulting,
estate planning, administrative law, personal injury, immigration law, and tax advisory.

Why Us

Why Choose Hoffman & Forde

The attorneys at Hoffman & Forde have distinguished backgrounds matching those of any top regional law firm. In addition, they are graduates of reputable law schools including the Thomas Jefferson School of Law and the California Western School of Law. Various members of our legal team have been awarded accolades such as “Best of the Bar” and “Rising Star,” have earned Juris Doctorates and are members of the American Bar Association. We have successfully represented businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals and continue to volunteer with local community agencies and noteworthy organizations.

Our Expert Attorneys

Our highly-credentialed attorneys deliver superior quality services. Every client receives the best legal representation possible regardless of complexity.

Our Paralegals

Our dedicated paralegals are the behind-the-scenes experts who ensure our firm runs smoothly. They play a critical role in our client-focused approach, enabling our attorneys to deliver the highest quality service with precision and care.


Our Orange County Law Firm’s Mission

Hoffman & Forde delivers constructive solutions for every client, regardless of complexity. Our firm is a leader in the fields of real estate, business consulting, tax advisory, personal injury, and immigration laws.

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For inquiries regarding specific legal matters, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our intake specialists.

Why We Love Orange County

Home of the most famous theme park, Disneyland, Orange County or “the OC” is located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area with over 3 million residents. It is the third-most populous county in California and more populous than 21 U.S. states. Orange County prides itself on its exquisite dining options, fabulous beaches, spectacular shopping, luxury spas, and breathtaking ocean views. The OC is home to art museums, South Coast Plaza, a championship golf course, and the famous Mission at San Juan Capistrano. With over 40 miles of sandy coastline and a number of small, manicured beach towns, Orange County combines an active lifestyle with laid-back sophistication.

The Climate

Orange County enjoys about 278 sunny days per year. It receives roughly 14 inches of rain, with 0 inches of snow.

The Attractions

In addition to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, you can enjoy whale-watching cruises and shopping at South Coast Plaza.

The People

Orange County residents are ethnically and culturally diverse. The majority of residents are white, Hispanic, African-American and Asian.