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Our San Diego commercial real estate firm helps clients evaluate the business and legal issues affecting the real estate industry. We handle various commercial real estate transactions and financing.

Our Commercial Real Estate Law Services in San Diego

Our seasoned attorneys provide a full range of services to commercial real estate owners, investors, lenders and developers throughout San Diego County. These are the areas that we can handle with expertise:

  • Purchase & Sales

    Our law firm represents owners, investors, brokers, lenders and developers in all aspects of the purchase and sale of real estate, including the financing, tax planning, negotiation, documentation and closings, regardless of complexity. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the purchase and sale of commercial, industrial and residential projects.

  • Options and Exchanges

    We represent purchasers and sellers in the negotiating, drafting and closing of option and exchange agreements for all types of real estate projects. Save yourself some valuable time by allowing our accomplished attorneys to utilize their negotiating skills and oversee complex transactions.

  • Leasing

    Hoffman & Forde’s commercial leasing practice represents both landlords and tenants in structuring, negotiating, and documenting of retail, office, and industrial leases. In addition, we handle ground leases, sale-leaseback arrangements, build-to-suit leases and subleases, and assignments of leasehold interests.

  • Development & Management

    Our legal team represents developers, owners, investors, brokers and lenders in the development and/or redevelopment, and management of projects throughout Southern California. At Hoffman & Forde, we are committed to finding common ground and appropriate, cost-effective solutions.

  • Construction & Entitlement

    We represent owners, developers, general contractors and subcontractors with legal issues involving public and private construction projects. Our attorneys advise clients in all areas of land use regulation and obtain local, state and federal land use permits and approvals for our clients.

  • Financing

    We represent project owners and lenders in the structuring and documentation of debt and equity financing, mezzanine financing, lines of credit, like-kind exchanges and other financing transactions. Let us provide strategic counsel for every deal and loan arrangement so you can rest easy knowing all legal safeguards are in place.

  • Real Estate Disputes & Unlawful Detainers

    Our law firm assists clients with a variety of real estate disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. We oversee legal matters for evictions, unlawful detainer actions, complex litigation and breach-of-contract disputes. Our attorneys assist in recovering lost rent, attorney fees and court costs, helping you avoid paying unnecessary fees.

  • Commercial Loan & Lease Workouts

    We represent developers, owners and tenants in troubled real estate projects, investment workouts, debt restructurings and lease negotiations and renewals. Hoffman & Forde has renegotiated commercial notes with workout solutions mutually beneficial to clients and their lenders. Our expert negotiators have obtained favorable, permanent changes in the terms and conditions of clients’ commercial loans and leases. Our commercial loan modification program has helped our clients keep their properties and be able to meet the cost of operations. We have also provided receivership, foreclosure, and insolvency-related litigation services in state and federal courts.

    Lease Negotiation

Why Our Commercial Real Estate Attorneys

Our real estate attorneys will protect you against the unexpected and help you get through a potentially stressful transaction. Whether you are purchasing or selling real estate in San Diego, our lawyers are on your side, looking after your rights and interests. Since Hoffman & Forde reviews numerous contracts and has an in-depth understanding of the law, they help you avoid conflicts and/or unforeseen matters. Give yourself something valuable: peace of mind.

Our Specialties

Lease Negotiation

Do you have lease modification or commercial eviction needs? We help businesses stand their ground.


Resolve escrow disputes and close more effectively. Stop contract breaches and unnecessary fees.

Real Estate Litigation

Facing real estate litigation? Protect your property against fraud and other potential issues.

Real Estate Dispute

Transactions don’t always run smoothly. If a dispute is unavoidable, hire a skilled attorney today.

Landlords & Tenants

You can prevent landlord tenant conflicts before they happen or reach mutual agreement with counsel.

Real Estate Non-Disclosure

Are you buying, selling, or brokering a real estate property? Seek legal advice first, sign later.

Our Boutique Lawyers

Our highly-credentialed attorneys deliver superior quality services. Every client receives the best legal representation possible regardless of complexity.

Our Paralegals

Our dedicated paralegals are the behind-the-scenes experts who ensure our firm runs smoothly. They play a critical role in our client-focused approach, enabling our attorneys to deliver the highest quality service with precision and care.


San Diego Commercial Real Estate Law Firm

We serve our clients’ individual needs while providing creative, practical, and affordable solutions. Our firm’s continued success results from our dedication, diligence, and honest communication with our clients.

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Why We Love San Diego

As California’s second largest city, San Diego enjoys a thriving economy, an ethnically diverse population, a talented workforce, magnificent beaches and parks and mild climate year-round. According to Forbes Magazine, San Diego is also quite “business friendly” - a great locality to launch a startup due to its highly educated workforce and a mix of high-tech industries. Additional industries include electronics, oceanography, aerospace and missiles, medical and scientific research, and agriculture. San Diego's natural harbor is also a hustling commercial port. Due to the city’s close proximity to Mexico, tourism contributes greatly to the city's economy. It is no surprise that San Diego is referred to as “America’s Finest City.”

The Climate

San Diego enjoys a comfortable climate, with the average temperature in the 70s. Our yearly average for mostly sunny days is 267.

The Attractions

San Diego’s attractions include the San Diego Zoo, Legoland, Sea World, the USS Midway Museum, extensive beaches, art galleries, and more.

The People

With an estimated 1.4 million residents, San Diego is one of the most ethnically/culturally diverse cities in the country.