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Legal counsel and assistance from a civil attorney is highly recommended when considering a lawsuit or if you are being sued. Since civil disputes vary across the board, our civil litigation specialists have the right education and ample experience. They will advise you on the probability of success should your potential case head to trial. If you are facing a lawsuit, our attorneys will assist you step-by-step in a timely manner.

More About Our Civil Litigation Services

Our litigation practice network oversees a wide range of complex legal disputes for our clients. Whether in state or federal courts, arbitration, mediation, administrative proceedings, appeals or negotiation, Hoffman & Forde is aggressive, result-driven and efficient. We safeguard your interest in various business disputes, including unjust business practices, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and partnership disputes. Our attorneys have the experience and the resources to resolve other civil litigation matters involving commercial disputes for construction claims and real estate litigation concerning properties. We deliver the greatest value to our clients.

Why Our Civil Litigation Attorneys

Our attorneys possess unique trial and appellate skills, in-depth familiarity of state and federal courts, and practical business judgment, all of which contribute to our consistent delivery of cost-effective results. Our civil litigation lawyers fight to win, while trying to do so as quickly and economically as possible and without ever losing sight of our clients’ objectives. To do so, we develop a concrete understanding of our clients’ business and operations which has provided us a long record of delivering exceptional results for clients when they need us most. Finally, we are always working to deliver the greatest value possible to our clients, including crafting creative fee structures tailored to each client and situation.

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Is your business threatened with litigation? Seek legal counsel with our commercial litigation lawyers.

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Prepare well for the future. Save yourself from costly mistakes with our experienced attorneys.

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Has your employer failed to compensate you properly? We are your advocates for workers’ rights.


If you are an employee who has been put at a disadvantage, contact our employment attorneys.

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Our highly-credentialed attorneys deliver superior quality services. Every client receives the best legal representation possible regardless of complexity.

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Our dedicated paralegals are the behind-the-scenes experts who ensure our firm runs smoothly. They play a critical role in our client-focused approach, enabling our attorneys to deliver the highest quality service with precision and care.


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We serve our clients’ individual needs while providing creative, practical, and affordable solutions. Our firm’s continued success results from our dedication, diligence, and honest communication with our clients.

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